Hi, I’m Cathy Goett (pronounced get), and welcome to the GOETT FOCUSED website. I have a passion to spread the word about ADHD and other complex brain issues. I work with my clients to help them reach their goals and GOETT FOCUSED about the steps to take to love their lives.

I’m a certified life coach that’s specialized in ADHD and life coaching. I offer several programs that focus on the many facets of ADHD life. Living with ADHD is difficult, but it doesn’t have to be when you figure out how to beat it.

Everyone is different. Not every technique works for everyone and one standard plan doesn’t suit everyone. Cathy offers a counseling service that’s unique to each person. Tailored to fit your life, your journey with Cathy caters to your needs.

Check Out My Telesummit!

My telesummit, On The Right ADHD Trail, is a virtual conference designed to help men of all ages who live with ADHD. Check out my telesummit for more information, here!

My ADHD Coaching Services

Cathy offers several online counseling services. She offers two counseling services focused on ADHD education, general ADHD and Parenting with ADHD. She also offers a service designed for improving your accountability.

She also hosts an annual telesummit focused on just men living with ADHD. After working in the ADHD environment for several years, she noticed a lack of support for men living with ADHD. For more information, click on the images to learn more!

ADHD Education

Parenting With ADHD


For more information about Cathy Goett and Goett Focused, visit her about page or contact her today!